niggiX - Man merkt sich ja sonst niX!

My Life

In the following pages I would like to give you a little overview over my life. Just click on the corresponding picture in the timeline.

1990: Seeing the world for the first time. I was born in the Capital of Taipeh (Taiwan)

1991 - 2007: Growing up in Germany in Berlin, Germany

2006 - 2007
: Studying in eleventh grade in an exchange year in Canada

2007 - 2009: Final years of High School and Graduation

2009 - 2010: Volunteering at a High School in Rayong, Thailand

2010 - ongoing: Studying a Bachelors' and Masters' degree of 'Energy Technology' at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany

2013: Studying Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014: Starting a family