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Studying 'Energy Technology' in University

I was looking for the right area of study for a long time. Luckily I had some free time to think about this crucial decision during my volunteer work in Thailand. Meanwhile I was staying meditating in a temple in Thailand, thousands of things what to do in my life came into my mind.

Finally the decision was made and it will be the studies of 'Energy Technology' at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in the south of Germany.

I am very satisfied with my studies. It is a good mixture of different fields of engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering and material science..just to name a few.

At the time of early 2015, I am about to finish my Bachelor of Science in 'Energy Technology'. I am already planning on continueing in this field of study to deepen my understanding of the fundamentals of energy transport, transformation and storage.

But I am also very interested in industrial automation. After an internship in the facility management at Bosch (Gasoline Systems) and learning a lot about energy production and distributing as well as uninterruptable power supplies, I wrote my Bachelor thesis in the same department. The topic of my Bachelor theses was 'Energiewirtschaftliches Konzept zur Einbindung einer KWK-Anlage in ein vorhandenes industrielles Energieversorgungssystem'. I was very nice to work in a "real" business environment and face the challenges in the industrie.

As a new step, i would like to see some more of the industrial automation field of work. Furthermore, I would like to deepend my knowledge of energy in a political context. Therefore, I will look for a job or internship at the European Commission.